The confirmatioun of the infeftment of fewferme of the ill, abbay and mansioun of Sanctcolmis Insh

Forsamekle as be diverse actis of parliament maid of befoir concerning the reformatioun of religioun within this realme, the monkreis ar altogidder abolishit and thair places and abbayis for the maist part left waist, namelie the abbay of Sanctcolmis Insh, quhilk of ancient tyme, quhen the samyn wes inhabit be the abbay and convent thairof, wes at diverse tymis takin be the Englishmen, than enemeis to oure realme, and servit unto thame as ane fortalice and strong hold aganis our soverane lordis guid subjectis, be occasioun quhairof the cuntreis liand about wer be the enemie infestit and trublit, and at sum uther tymis sen the reformatioun of the religioun within this realme, sen the quhilk tyme this abbay wes left desert, the same hes bene receptakle to piratis and may heirefter be diverse apperance serve to the elyke inconvenientis, and can na wayis be proffitable to our soverane lord nor his realme, except the samyn be in the handis of ane speciall tennent, quha may foirsie and provide that the said ille with the abbay, mansioun, dowcat and yairdis being thairin may be put to sum proffitable use; and thairfoir our said soverane lord, with avise of his saidis thrie estatis of this present parliament, ratefeis, apprevis and confermis the infeftment off fewferme of the said ille, abbay, mansioun howse, yairdis and dowcatt thairof, with all thair pertinentis, maid be Sir James Stewart of Downe, knycht, commendatar of the said abbay, with consent of the convent thairof, to umquhill Archibald Ergyill, his airis and assignais, togidder with the infeftment maid be the said erll to James, now erll of Murray, his airis and assignais, with all that followit thairupoun, to the effect the said ille, abbay, mansioun house, yairde and dowcat thairof, with all thair pertinentis abonewrittin, may remane with the said James, erll of Murray, his airis and assignais abone mentionat, as thair propertie in all tyme cumming.

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