Ratificatioun to William Mosman

Oure soverane lord, with avise of the thrie estatis of this present parliament, hes ratefeit and apprevit and, be the tennour heirof, ratefeis and apprevis the letteris of presentatioun gevin under the testimoniall of the great seall to Williame Mosman, sone lawfull to Johne Mosman, writtar, direct to Maister Robert Spens, chaiplane of Sanct Johannis Ille, situatt within the college kirk of Dumbar, superiour of the landis underwrittin, for resaving of the said William in immediat heretable tennent of all and haill the landis of Bowrhouse, with thair pertinentis, liand within the constabularie of Hadingtoun and schirefdome of Edinburgh, quhilkis pertenit of befoir to James, sumtyme priour of Pluscardene, haldin of the said chaiplane and becum in our said soverane lordis handis throw reasoun of eschaet throw being of the said James, sumtyme erll of Mortoun, his father, convict for airt, part, counsell, foirknawlege and conceling of the treasounable murthour of umquhile or soverane lordis darrest father or being of the said sumtyme priour forfalt for certane crymis of treasoun committed be him, as in the lettres of presentatioun grantit to the said William at mair lenth is contenit, togidder with the heretable infeftment of the samyn landis grantit to the said William Mosman haldin of the said superiour, with the sesing following thairupoun, sua that the samyn may be effectuall to him in all pointis efter the forme and tennour thairof.

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