Ratificatioun grantit to Harie Stewart of the baronie of Braidwod and utheris

Oure soverane lord, with avise of the thrie estatis of this present parliament, hes ratefeit and apprevit and, be the tennour heirof, ratefeis and apprevis the infeftment, gift and dispositioun thairin contenit maid be our said soverane lord to Harie Stewart of Gogar, brother german to James, erll of Arrane, lord Hammyltoun etc., of the heretable gift of all and haill the landis and baronie of Braidwod, the toun of Braidwod, Langshaw, mylne of Masthok, extending in the haill to ane xx lib. land, with toure, fortalice, maner place, orcheardis, yairdis, woddis, mylnis, fishingis, outsettis, partis, pendicles, tennentis, tenandreis, service of frie tennentis, coillis, coilhewchis thairof, and all the landis adjacent thairto, with all thair pertinentis, lyand within the schirefdome of Lanerk, quhilkis pertenit of befoir to James, sumtymis erll of Mortoun, or to ony uther persoun or personis, speciallie to ony of the said sumtyme erllis sonnis naturall be thair dispositioun and conqueis, and become in our said soverane lordis handis and dispositioun be sentence and dome of foirfalture ordourlie led and deduceit aganis the said umquhill James, sumtyme erll of Mortoun, for airt, part, foirknawlege and conceling of the horrible murthure of our soverane lordis darrest father, for the quhilk he was convictit and justefeit to the deithe, or be foirfalture of Archibald, erll of Angus, sumtyme immediat tennent to our said soverane lord of the said baronie, quhom of the perfonis abonewrittin, or utheris quhatsumevir hold the same, for certane crymes of treasoun committit be him, quhairof he wes convict alsua in parliament, and tueching the act of parliament declaring the inhabilitie and invaliditie of the posteritie as than or suld happin to be thaireftir convict for the horrible murthoris and slauchteris of our said soverane lordis darrest father and regentis, and for quhatsumevir caus or occasioun bygane quhairby the saidis landis and baronie of Braidwod, or ony part thairof, with all thair pertinentis, ar becum in our said soverane lordis handis and at his majesties dispositioun, alsweill be recognitioun as utherwayis to be haldin of our said soverane and his successouris, as in the said infeftment at mair lenth is contenit. Attoure, our said soverane lord, with avise foirsaid, willis and declaris and, for his hienes and successouris, decernis and ordinis the said infeftment to be guid and sufficient in the self and that this his hienes ratificatioun thairof be of als greit strenth, force and effect as gif the samyn infeftment wer at lenth insert thairin, and the said Harie and his foirsaidis to have guid rycht and titill to the landis, baronie and utheris abonewrittin, with thair pertinentis, be vertew thairof, notwithstanding quhatsumevir revocatioun maid, or to be maid in the contrare, or quhatsumevir benefite, grace or pacificatioun to be grantit in the contrare, under the quhilkis his hienes, with avise foirsaid, will on na wayis have the said infeftment comprehendit, notwithstanding actis, statutis or constitutionis maid or to be maid anentis the quhilkis our said soverane lord, with avise foirsaid, dispens be thir presentis.

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