Ratificatioun grantit to Alexander Home of Manderstoun and Alexander, commendatar of Coldinghame of the landis of Symprene and Toftis

Oure soverane lord, with avise and consent of the thrie estaittis of this present parliament, ratefeis, apprevis and confermis the charter and infeftment maid, grantit and gevin be our soverane lord to Alexander Home of Manderstoun, in lyfrent, and to Alexander, commendatar of Coldingahame, his sone and apperand air, of all and haill the landis of Symprene, Over and Nether Toftis, with thair pertinentis, lyand within the schirefdome of Berwik, as becum in his hienes handis be reasoun of foirfalture ordourlie led and deduceit aganis umquhill William Maitland, sumtyme apperand of Lethingtoun, and Johne Maitland, sumtyme priour of Coldinghame, his brother, for certane crymis of treasoun and lesemajestie committit be thame, quhairof they were convict in parliament, as the proces led and deduceit thairupoun proportis, and all utheris rychtis and titillis of the samyn in all pointis, pas, clausis and articles specefeit thairintill, efter the forme and tennour thairof, expreslie declaring be thir presentis that the samyn is not, nor salbe, ony wayis comprehendit under our soverane lordis revocatioun presentlie maid at this present parliament, bot that the samyn is, and salbe, exceptit, likas our said soverane lord, with avise foirsaid, be the tennor heirof, exceptis the samyn furth of the said revocatioun, and also decernis this present declaratioun and exceptioun is, and salbe, of als great force and availl as gif the samyn had bene contenit and insert thairin, and siclike declaris the foirsaidis infeftmentis, presentatioun, rycht and titillis maid, gevin and grantit to the said Alexander and his sone, commendatar foirsaid to have full force, strenth and effect in all tyme cumming, to the effect that thei and thair airis may peceablie bruik and use the saidis landis and utheris foirsaidis, conforme to thair former titillis thairoff, with lettres of publicatioun to pas heir upoun in forme as effeiris.

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