Ratificatioun of the prevelege of silk making to Robert Diksone

Oure soverane lord, with avise of his thrie estaitis convenit in this present parliament, ratefiis and apprevis and, for his hienes and his successouris, perpetuallie confermis the prevelege and libertie grantit be his hienes to his lovitt Robert Diksoun, upoun his offer to bring in and to learne within this realme the airte of the making and working of silkis, to be als gude and sufficient as the samin is maid within the countreis of France or Flanderis and to be sauld within the same better chaip nor the lyk silkis ar sauld within this realme brocht heir or out of uther cuntreis, quhairupoun the said Robert mon bestow grite sowmes of money, quhilk salbe the occasioun that ane grite nowmer of young and pure pepill salbe virteouslie and honestlie sustenit be that occupatioun, and thairfoir gevand and grantand to the said Robert power, prevelege and libertie to use and exerce the said airt be him selff and his servandis and utheris in his name, be the space of threttie yeiris nixttocum, discharging all utheris during the said space to use or exerce the said airte without his leiff and guidwill first had and obtenit thairto; and that the raw and unwrocht silkis to be brocht hame be him salbe custome frie, with the dreggis for litting thairof, him selff to be maid frie burges and gild in Perth or sic uther places quhair he sall pleis to plaint without payment of sowmes of money thairfoir, and he and his servandis to be frie of warding, taxationis, impositionis and to transport the silkis wrocht be him custome frie, as in his said prevelege at mair lenth salbe contenit, providing that he enter to his work within yeir and day eftir the dait heiroff, with ane hundreth servandis, and continew in the said work thairefter, certefeing him and he do in the contrair, he sall tyne his prevelege.

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