Annexatioun of landis to the croun

Forsamekill as it is understand and weill advisedlie considerit be the kingis majestie and thre estatis of this realme, being assemblit in this present parliament, that the patrimonie of his croun and revenneuis thairof being augmentit is the greit weill and profite bayth to the kingis grace and his leigis, and thairfoir it is thocht expedient that oure soverane lord, followand the guid exempill of his predicessouris, suld annex to the croun, for the honorabill support of his estait royall in all adventouris and caussis, baith in weir and in peace, sic landis and lordschipis as ar now presentlie in his handis that ar not annexit of befoir, and the saidis landis, being annexit, to remane perpetuallie with the croun may nouther be gevin away in fie nor frank tenement to onie personis, quhatever estate or degre thai be of, without advise, decreit and deliverance of the haill parliament, and for greit ressonabill causis concernyng the weilfair of the realme, first to be advisit and digestlie considerit be the haill estatis; and albeit it salhappin oure soverane lord that now is, or onie his successouris kingis of Scotland, annaillie and dispone the saidis lordschipis, landis, castellis, touris, donationis and advocationis of kirkis and hospitallis, with thair continentis, to the croun as said is annexit, that the alienatioun and dispositioun salbe of nane availl, bot it salbe lesum to the king for the tyme to ressave they landis to his awin use quhen ever it lykis his grace, but onie proces of law, and the takeris sall refound and pay all profittis that the have takin up of they landis agane to the king for all the tyme that they have had thame, with sic uthir restrictionis as is contenit in the actis of parliament maid be his hines maist noble predicessouris, kingis of Scotland, in the annexatioun to the croun. And thairfoir his hines, with advise and consent of his thre estatis of this present parliament, hes annexit to his croun to remane thairwith in maner foirsaid thir landis eftir following: thay ar to say, the landis and lordschip of Douglas, with the castell, towr and fortalice thairof, advocationis and donationis of kirkis and benefices and thair pertinentis; the landis and lordschip of Craufurd Lindsay, alias Craufurd Douglas; the landis and lordschipis of Boncle, Prestoun and Temptallon, with touris, fortalices, landis, rentis, advocationis and donationis of kirkis; the landis of Dunsire; the landis and lordschip of Jedburgh Forest; the landis and lordschip of Boithwell, with the towr, fortalice and thair pertinentis; the landis of Selkirk; the landis of Colbrandispeth.

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