For punishment of the fraudfull mixioun of the wynis be the tavernaris and sellaris thairof and utheris thair abuses

Forsamekill as be ane act of parliament maid at Edinburgh, the first day of Februar, the yeir of God jM vC lj yeris, it is statute and ordanit that na maner of taverneris tak upoun hand to mak onie mixitioun of onie auld wynis and new wynis, or put onie watter in the same, under the pane of escheting of the puntioun that sic wyne or watter salbe put into, togidder with all the rest of all and sindrie the wynis, being the awneris of sic a taverne, and tynsell of thair fredome for ever; and in like maner, that nane of oure soverane lordis leigis, byaris of wynis to be toppit agane, and haifaris of tavernis, tak upoun hand to huird or hyde onie of sic wynis cost be thame in thair housis and prive places, bot that thei put the samin in thair commone tavernis and woltis thairof, to be sauld indifferentlie to oure soverane lordis leigis upoun the prices that salbe sett, maid and proclamit thairanent, under the panes foirsaidis; quhilk act oure soverane lord, with advise of thre estatis in this present parliament, ratifeis and apprevis, ordaning the same to stand in force and effect as a perpetuall law in tyme cuming. And for the bettir executioun thairof, makis and constitutis the provestis and bailleis of all burrowis his hines justices in that pairt, with power to thame to mak sercheouris, tak inquisitioun and hald justice courtis everie moneth anis within ilk burgh quhair wyne is to be sauld, upoun the contraveneris of the said act, and as they be found culpabill, to execut the saidis panis upoun thame; and in cais the saidis provestis and bailleis beis found remisse or negligent thairin, being callit and convictit thairof, they to incur the panis of tynsell of thair fredome and not to bruik honour or office within burgh in onie tyme thairefter.

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