Anent the setting of ordoure and price on all stuf

Oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis and haill bodie of this present parliament, ratefeis, apprevis and, for his hines and his successouris, perpetuallie confirmis the actis maid be his maist noble progenitouris for the stancheing of derth of victuallis and setting ordoure and price on all stuf, and spenalle the lxxxxix act of King James the First, the xx and lxxviij actis of King James the Fift and the xxvij act of the parliament haldin and begun at Edinburgh upoun the first day of Februar, the yeir of God jM d lj yeris; and ordanis all erles, lordis, baronis, alsweill within regalitie as ryaltie, and thair bailleis to landwart, and the provestis and bailleis of all burrowis and citeis, to caus the saidis actis of parliament be put in dew executioun, everie ane within thair boundis and jurisdictioun respective, makand and constitutand thame justices to that effect; with power to thame to mak and appoint statutis and ordinancis for the speciale observatioun of the saidis actis at everie heid court yeirlie, and to inquyre, call, accuse and punische the contraveneris of the saidis actis at the saidis heid courtis under the pane of ane hundreth pundis to be pait be everie erle, lord, barone, alsweill within regalitie as ryeltie, and thair bailleis, and of the provestis, aldermen and bailleis of everie burgh and citie that salbe found remisse and negligent in executioun of the saidis actis for everie time that thei salbe dewlie callit and convict thairof; and ordanis dittay to be tane heirupoun and the saidis judges to be callit to underly the law thairfoir, outher at generall justice airis or at particuler dyettis, as it sall pleis the kingis majestie to command.

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