Anent the conventioun of burrowis

Forsamekill as it wes found necesser to oure soverane lord and his hines predicessouris that the commissionaris of burrowis convene at sic tymes as they suld think guid, in quhat burgh they thocht maist expedient, with full commissioun to treat upoun the weilfair of marchandis, marchandice, guid rewle and statutis for the commone profite of burrowis as at mair lenth is contenit in the actis of parliament maid thairanent and anent the privilege of burrowis, thairfoir oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis of this present parliament, ratifeis and apprevis the saidis actis, and, for bettir observatioun of the saidis conventionis be sic burrowis as hes heirtofoir not send thair commissioneris at onie tyme thairto, hes statute and ordanit that in tyme cuming quhen onie conventionis of burrowis is appointit to the maist pairt of the saidis burrowis, or be the burgh of Edinburgh and onie sex or aucht of the rest, the burgh warnit thairto be onie missive bill of the provest and bailyeis of the burgh quhair the said conventioun is to be haldin, or uthir wayis lawfullie cytat thairto and not compeirand be thair commissioner sufficientlie instruct, sall pay to the chargeis of the burghis that sall convene the sowme of twentie pundis; and ordanis the lordis of counsell and sessioun to grant and direct letteris of hornyng or poinding aganis the burrowis absent fra the same conventioun and adjudget be the remanent burrowis to have incurrit the said pane and unlaw, and this at the instance of the burgh of Edinburgh, without farther proces and calling of pairtie thairto, the saidis lordis seand the act autentikle subscrivit be the clerk of that conventioun that thai ar absent and convict as said is.

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