Additioun to the act of lawborrowis

Forsamekill as sindrie guid actis hes bene maid anent finding of lawborrowis for preservatioun of the trew and obedient subjectis from injust force and violence, and laitlie, for thair greitter confort, it wes weill ordanit that the panes of lawborrowis suld be devidit betuix the king and the pairte offendit unto; nevertheles, seing the panes of lawborrowis hes extendit onlie in tyme bigane in saulftie of bodilie harme from the persone of the complenar, the malice of wickit sa incressis as thei ceis not be indirect meanis and hunding out of lymmaris, vagaboundis and utheris not responsall to invaid the innocent personis, not onlie in thair bodeis, bot to reif, steill, hoch or slay thair oxin and utheris cattell, cut or distroy thair coirnis, or to caus eit the samyn with bestiall, to hund and slay thair scheip with doggis, boist thame self in sic sort as thai dar not ly in thair awin hous, or to manas thair servandis to leve thair service, quhairthrow thair ground may be lyed waist to the uttir wrak and depaupering of the innocentis. Quhairfoir oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis in this present parliament, ordanis that all letteris of lawborrowis salbe direct in tyme cuming at the instance of the pairteis complenand, chargeing the personis complenit upoun to find sicker souertie and lawborrowis that the complenaris, thair wyffis, bairnis, tenentis and servandis salbe harmeles and skaithles in thair bodeis, landis, takkis, possessionis, guidis and geir, and on na wayis to be molestit or trublit thairin be the personis complenit upoun, nor na utheris of thair causing, sending, hunding out, resetting, command, assistance and ratihabitioun, quhome thai may stop or let direclie or indireclie uthirwayis nor be the ordoure of law and justice under greit panes to be modifeit be the lordis of sessioun or utheris ordinar judges, be quhome, in cais the said lawborrowis salbe dewlie tryit to be brokin, the ane half of the pane sall pertene to oure soverane lord and the uthir half to the pairte grevit according to the effect and meaning of the said act maid to that effect of befoir.

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