Aganis the abuse of sum landit gentilmen and utheris forbeiring to keip hous at thair awin duelling places

Forsamekill as of lait thair is croppin in amangis sum noblemen, prelatis, baronis and gentilmen in certane pairtis of this realme, being of guid levingis, greit abuse contrair the honoure of the realme and different from the honest frugalitie of thair foirbearis, passing to burrowis, townnis, clauchannis and ailhousis with thair houshaldis, and sum abyding in thair awin places uses to buird thame selfis and utheris to thair awin servandis, as in the hostillareis, quhairon skaithfull and schamefull inconvenientis dalie fallis out to the offence of God, defrauding of the puir of thair almous, sclander of the cuntrie and hurt of the authoris; for remeid quhairof, oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis of this present parliament, hes statute and ordanit that everie prelat, lord, barone and landit gentilman sall mak his ordinar duelling and residence at his awin hous with his familie in all tyme cuming efter the publicatioun of the actis of this present parliament, for setting forward of policie and decoratioun of thair saidis duelling places, supporting of the puir with almous and intertening of freyndschip with thair nichbouris be all guid and honest meanis, and that thei forbeir the said unhonest forme of burding of thame selffis and thair famileis and houshaldis in burrowis, clauchannis and ailhousis, or in thair awin housis, under the panis following, that is to say: ilk lord and prelate under the pane of five hundreth markis, ilk greit barone under the pane of thre hundret markis, and ilk landit gentilman under the pane of twa hundret markis; and gif thai failye, being callit and ordourlie convict of transgressing of this present act, saidis panes to be upliftit to oure soverane lordis use.

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