Additioun to the actis maid aganis notorius theiffis and soirnaris of clannis

Oure soverane lord and his thre estatis in this present parliament, having considerit the monie grevous oppressionis and cruelteis quhairinto his peceabill and guid subjectis ar subject, findis nathing mair intollerabill nor the deidlie feidis borne be the clannis of theiffis, brokin men and soirnairis upoun trew men for the slauchter, taking, hurting of the saidis theiffis, brokin men and soirnaris, taking and bringing thame to justice, or in the defence and redding of trew mennis guidis stowin and reft fra thame, and how the saidis clannis of theifis for the maist pairt ar companeis of wikit men, coupled in fellowschippis be occasioun of thair surnames, or neir duellingis togidder, or throw keping societie in thift or reset of thift not subjectit to the ordiner cours of justice, nor to onie ane landislord that will mak thame answerabill to the lawes, bot commonlie duelland upoun sindrie mennis landis aganis the guid will of thair landislordis, quhairthrow trew men oppressit be thame can have na remeid at the handis of thair maisteris, bot for thair defence ar oftymes constranit to seik redres of thair skaithis of the haill clan or sic of thame as thei happin to apprehend, like as the haill clan commonlie beris feid for the resavit be onie member thairof, quhether be executioun of lawes, be ordoure of justice or uthirwayis; it is thairfoir declarit, statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis and haill body of this present parliament, that it salbe lesum to all his obedient and gude subjectis sall resave onie harme or skaith throw stouth or maisterfull reif of thair guidis to be committit efter the dait heirof be onie of the saidis notorious theiffis, brokin men or soirnairis of the saidis clannis of theiffis in time cuming, to apprehend, slay and arreist the bodeis and guidis of the personis offending aganis thame or onie utheris being of the same clan, thair servandis, dependaris or pairtakeris quhairever they sall find thame in onie partis of this realme ay and quhill the principallis, or utheris of thair said clan, causis the saidis harmes and skaythis be redressit to the satisfactioun of the sustenaris thairof, or at the leist find sufficient souertie to that effect, to the contentment of the persoun that hes sustenit the skayth in cais it salbe found be ordoure and tryell, according to justice, that the offendar and deid doar wes onie wayis resset, suppleit and mantenit amangis the said clan efter the offence committit.

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  3. APS reads, 'for the hurt'. Back