For the suirtie of thame that assegit houses be the kingis commissioun in his hines minoritie

Anent the supplicatioun gevin in to oure soverane and lordis of artickles of this present parliament be the nobilmen and utheris his trew and faithfull subjectis that servit in the defence of his hines authoritie and croun during the lait civile trubles within this realme in the tyme of his majesteis young age, makand mentioun that quhair they being oftymes employit be his umquhile regentis for the tyme in the execusioun of divers commissionis aganis sindre of his hines unnaturall subjectis, rebellis and withstanderis of his authoritie, quha at that tyme assistit and tuke plane pairt with the declarit tratouris, rebellis and enemies of his majesteis croun, with power alsua to asseige houses and rais fyre, for the bettir repressing of thame, the saidis noblemen and utheris his majesteis trew and faythfull subjectis, for dischargeing of thair dewtie in execusioun of the saidis commissionis, with thair freyndis, assistaris and servandis, searchit and socht the saidis rebellis and dissobedient subjectis, quha, placing thame selffis in houses in sindrie pairtis of this realme and keping and fortifeing the same aganis his majestie and his authoritie, they wer forcit to rais fyre and use all uther meanis of hostilitie for recoverie of the same. Quhairfoir his majestie, with advise of his thre estatis of this present parliament, decernis and declaris that all thingis done be the saidis noblemen and utheris his hines faithfull subjectis within the tyme of the saidis civile trubillis, for executioun of the saidis commissionis aganis quhatsumever personis, his hines rebellis, tratouris and dissobedient subjectis for the tyme, thair servandis, freyndis, assistaris and pairttakerris, wes lawchfullie, weill and dewtifullie done be thame and that thairintill thai have committit na crime nor offence, bot obeyit his hines and regentis commandementis, exonerand and dischargeand thame of all actioun, crime or offence that onie pairtie may persew or move aganis thame thairanent at onie tyme heirefter.

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