Procedure: commission
Commissioun to certane of everie estait, with the kingis majesteis officiaris, to treate and conclude on certane articles and supplicatiounis eftir the end of this present parliament

Forsamekill as in the parliament haldin in the first yeir of regne of the kingis majestie, oure soverane lord, commissioun is grantit to certane lordis of the estatis to considder sic articles as then wer committit to thame and to report the same agane the nixt parliament, as the said act contenyng the articles in speciall and to quhome the consideratioun thairof ar committit at mair lenth proportis; and as likewayis in the parliament haldin be his hines at Edinburgh in the moneth of November, jM d lxxix, commissioun is grantit to the lordis of prive counsell for ordoure taking in certane articles specifeit in the act maid thairupoun, off quhilkis articles diverse ar already considerit of and actis and statutis maid thairupoun, utheris ar remaning as yit untuichit, to the greit hurt and prejudice of the kingis majestie, the commone weill and sindrie particular pairteis; and lastlie, in this present parliament sindrie articlis and supplicationis hes bene presentit to his majestie and lordis of the articles quhilkis can not be sufficientlie considerit in that schort tyme quhilkis now the estatis may remane togidder, off quhilk haill articles the titles followis: ane article of James, lord of Sant Johnis, anent the confirmatioun of his privileges; ane article concernyng the act of adulterie; ane article of leirnit men of this realme desyring letteris to flurische; ane article tuiching ejectionis and spuilyeis; ane article anent reductioun of decreittis for the causis contenit in the first libell; ane article concerning warrandis in redemptioun of landis; ane article for punischment of thame that wilfullie passis to the horne and remanis thairat; ane article for thame that passis to the horne for liquidat sowmes; ane article for thame that passis to the horne and enteris in the girth; ane article for thame that puttis thair sones and freindis in their landis or makis assignationis of thair guidis in defraud of the executioun of decreittis; ane article for superiouris that gevis privat seesingis eftir the deceis of thair wassellis, in defraud of the air of the saidis wassellis; ane article anent derth of victuale and bestiall; ane article for ganging of fische furth of the realme; ane article for chesing of commissaris in everie schire to keip ordoure amangis craftismen; ane article for slauchter; ane article for assythment of pairtie; ane article for theiffis tane reiffand; ane article for slauchter of weillis and lambis and for passing furth of the cuntrie and inbringing of wyne, irne, tar, lint and lit, and als concerning the merchandis that rasis the prais of the geir that it was first sauld for eftir the hame bringing; ane article for confirmatioun of the giftis of annuellis and chaiplanreis to burrowis; ane article of the burgh of Cowpar anent the dountaking of thair custumes; ane article for tuiching seill feis, uther feis and wryting; for taking ordoure anent the abusis and disorderis of officiaris of armes and notaris; anent the extorsioun tane be custumaris and searchearis; anent prebendareis to be annexit to collegis; anent depositioun from benefices; anent mareages without consent of parentis; anent sustening of the ministerie at college kirkis; reformatioun of the college of Abirdene; for erectioun of ane college in Orknay; for consideratioun and reformatioun of the state of the universiteis and collegis in generall; anent the bischopis supplicatioun for the consistoriall jurisdictioun; commissioun for ordoure taking anent the taxatioun; anent the ordoure betuix the merchandis and marrinaris for pilleit guidis; ratificatioun of the chaiplanreis to burrowis; article of the burgh of Carraill; article of the burrowis in generall for musik; supplicatioun of the citeis of Santandrois, Glasgo and Abirdene anent the commissare; supplicatioun of the burgh of Rosmarkne; anent the briggis of Leyth and Crawmunt and utheris briggis; anent the visitatioun of oure soverane lordis register; anent the first fruittis of benefices; tuiching the questioun betuix Alexander Stewart, captane of Blaknes, and Williame Hamiltoun; supplicationis of David Murray, brother to the Laird of Balvaird, and Johnne Dischintoun; anent the articlis presentit for ordering of the west bordour; anent the registratioun of hornyngis, in quhat maner writtis and evidentis salbe maid autentik for policie in Edinburgh; anent prescriptioun of annuelrentis; supplicatioun of the burgh of Edinburgh and remanent burrowis anent unfremen; supplicatioun of the toun of Quichderne; supplicatioun of the burgh of Annand and pairteis opponand aganis the same; supplicatioun of the goldsmythis; anent the subscriptioun of cheptouris; anent escheittis gevin in defraud of creditouris; anent hydis and schone; anent mesouris and wechtis; supplicatioun of the toun of Drumfreis. Thairfoir oure soverane lord, with advise of his thre estatis, gevis [and] grantis full power, commissioun and authoritie of parliament to the lordis of artiklis underwrittin, videlicet, James Stewart, erle of Arrane, Johnne, erle of Montrois, Andro, erle of Rothes, Patrik, lord Lindsay, James, lord Ogilvie, Johnne, lord Hereis, Patrik, archebischop of Santandrois, Adam, bischop of Orknay, Alexander, bischop of Brichen, Mark, commendatoure of Newbotill, Leonard, commendatoure of Couper, Alexander, commendatoure of Culros, the commissionaris of the burrowis of Edinburgh, Perth, Dunde, Striviling, Glasgow and Santandrois, or onie thrie of thame for everie estate, with oure soverane lordis officiaris of the estate underwrittin, that is to say: the lord greit chamberlane, the chanceller, thesaurair, secretair, comptroller, justice clerk, clerk of register, and advocate, quhilkis sall visite and considder all the saidis articles quhairupoun actis ar not yit maid, or sic of thame as they think maist neidfull, or requiris gritest haist and expeditioun, outher of the weill of the kingis majestie, the kirk or commone weill, and to treat, consult and deliberat upoun sic actis and lawis as they think maist reasonabill to pas thairupoun; quhilkis being put in forme of actis and subscrivit be the saidis commissioneris, at leist be thre of everie estate, with samonie of the ordiner officiaris and of the sessioun as sall assist thame and be present for the tyme, and thairefter deliverit to the clerk of register and dewlie publischit, according to the ordoure of uthir actis of parliament, quhairthrow the same probablie may cum to the knawlege of the haill subjectis, they, and everie ane of thame, within fourtie dayis eftir the said publicatioun, sall have the strenth and force of lawis maid in his hines full parliament, sittand quhill the end of his hines nixt parliament, and further, without they be specialie and expreslie annullit and dischargeit.

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