Procedure: asking of instruments

The quhilk day Maistir Robert Creychtoun of Eliok, advocat to our soverane lord, askit instrumentis of the productioun of our soverane lordis lettres past under his hienes signet and upoun ane act of secreit counsale, subscrivit be Johnne Andro, clark thairof, quhairbye he causit dewlie proclame this present parliament to this instant day and maid intimatioun to all our soverane lordis liegis at the mercat croces of Lanerk, Drumfreis, Kirkcudbrycht, Wigtoun, Air, Irwin, Dunbartane, Ranfrow, Glasgow, Lynlythgow, Edinburgh, Cowper in Fyff, Peirth, Dundie, Forfare, Aberdene, Elgin and Fores, Banff, Narne, Innernes, Peiblis, Selkirk, Jedburgh, Duns, Lauder and Hadingtoune respective; and that be the samyn lettres all uther parliamentis proclamit of before war dischargeit, as the saidis lettres, executiones and indorsationes thairof, schawin and producit, proportit and bure; and thairupoun askit instrumentis.

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