Act in favour of oure soverane lordis trew and faythfull subjectis quhilkis hes constantlie remanit at his hienes obedience, cap. 28

Anent the supplicatioun presentit to oure soverane lord and his thrie estaitis be his hienes trew and faythfull subjectis, quhilkis at all tymes sen the begynning of the lait civile wearis within this realme hes biddin constantlie, but defectioun in his hienes service, with greit hazard of thair lyiffis and loss of thair guidis, makand mentioun that quhair his majestie at all tymes movit of clemencie and piety grantis the benefite of pacificatioun to sindrie personis that in the saidis civile wearis planelie bure armour and tuik part with his hienes declarit tratouris, for the quhilkis causis they thame selffis alsua wer forfaltit and thair landis, rowmes and possessionis falland in his majesties handis throw the said forfaltour, wer disponit to the saidis compleneris in recompence of thair service, quhairwith they sensyne hes intromettit and applyit the dewiteis thairof to thair awin use. Nochttheles, as they ar credibly informit, the obtenaris of the saidis pacificationis intendis to call the saidis compleneris upoun thair intromissioun foirsaid, quhairthrow they salbe in far wer conditioun that hes bene his hienes trew subjectis from the begynning then they that hes maid defectioun without his majestie and his saidis estaitis provide remeid. Thairfoir, oure soverane lord, with avise of his saidis thrie estaitis, declaris and decernis all and sindrie his saidis trew and faythfull subjectis quhilkis hes abiddin constantlie, but defectioun, at his obedience to be frie and harmeles of thair foirsaid intromissioun at all handis that hes obtenit or sall obtene the said pacificatioun, sua that his hienes trew and faythfull subjectis foirsaidis, for thair said trew service, be not in wer caise nor they that wer in his majesties contrair.

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