Procedure: protest

The quhilk day, Gilbert Menzes of Petfoddellis, provest of Abirdene, for him self and in name of the baillies counsale and comitie of the said haill burgh of Abirdene and inhabitantis thairof, protestit that the ratificatioun and confirmatioun grantit be the kingis majestie, with avise of the thrie estaitis of this present parliament, this instant day to the inhabitantis of the toun of Faythlie, with the heavin and port thairof, on nawise hurt or prejuge the said provest of Abirdene, baillies, counsale, comitie nor inhabitantis thairof, thair fredome, privilege nor jurisdictioun in respect thai have ellis infeftment grantit to thame of the haill boundis of Buchane, Mar, Gareauch and all uthairis boundis within the haill schirefdome of Abirdene, as thair infeftment grantit to thame and thair predicessouris be the kingis majesties predicessouris of auld beiris.

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