Procedure: declaration
Declaratioun anent the preving of lettres of hornyng and executionis thairof be witnesses, cap. 31

Forsamekle as anent the complaint gevin in be David Hume of Fyschewik, knycht, beirand that thair being ane actioun and caus persewit be him aganis Schir Richeard Maitland of Lethingtoun, knycht, ane of the lordis of sessioun, for transferring of ane decreit of nonentres obtenit be umquhile Williame Maitland of Lethingtoun, his sone, in the said David as donatour thairto, be dispositioun maid be oure soverane lord, with avise of his umquhile dearest gudesir Mathew, erle of Lennox, lord Dernlie etc., regent for the tyme, in the quhilk caus, for dilay of tyme, it wes allegit be the said Schir Richeard that thair aucht na translatioun to pas becaus the said umquhile Williame wes denuncit rebell and put to the horne in oure soverane lordis dearest motheris tyme, for certane causis, and that he had obtenit ane further gift grantit be hir of the said decreit, and, for probatioun thairof, stayit the said Davidis process be the space of tua yeiris; and seing that be na dilay of tyme he culd cum be the said horning, quhilk nevir wes, he, be his supplicatioun to the saidis lordis of sessioun, desyrit the samyn to be provin be witness, having nowthir law nor practicque in sic caise; and it being ane noveltie tending to the haill wrak, alsweill of the nobilitie as haill subjectis of this realme, incaise the samyne wer ressavit as ane practicque, quhairupoun the said David meanit him to oure soverane lord and lordis of secreit counsale, and then the lordis of sessioun wer dischairget to proceid thairin, and the samyn ordanit to be discussit befoir oure soverane lord and estaitis of parliament; like as the samyne wes continewit in the last parliament haldin at Striveling unto this present parliament, desyring thairfoir the kingis majestie and estaitis to ressave the said mater and discussing thairof befoir thame and put the samyne to voit for decisioun thairof, that it may remane as ane law to the haill subjectis in tyme cuming. Quhilk supplicatioun being sene and considerit, oure soverane lord, with avise of the thrie estaitis of this present parliament, hes declarit and declaris that in all tyme cuming na tennour of lettres of hornyng, executionis and indorsationis thairof not extant and producit judiciallie salbe admittit to be provin be witness in quhatsumevir actioun or caus persewit, or to be persewit, be the liegis of this realme befoir quhatsumevir juge or juges within the samyne, and that but prejudice of the foirsaid actioun dependand betuix the saidis partiis befoir the lordis of counsale and decisioun thairof in state as it wes left befoir the dischairgeing of thame of further proceiding thairintill, providing that the witnesses to be usit and producit aganis the said David Hume in the said caus be examinat in presence of the haill lordis of sessioun.

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