Ane act concerning recognitioun of landis within burgh, remittit to the lordis appointit for viseing of the lawes

Forsamekill as the proces of recognitioun of landis and tennentis within burgh for non payment of annuelrentis hes bene usit in all tymes bigane in our soverane lordis burrowis, efter the forme and tennour of the law of the majestie and act of parliament maid in the dayis of King James the Feird, and speciallie be having recurse to the landis and tenementis addettit in the saidis annuellis be proces of erd and stane in four heid court, as is prescrivit be the form of law, without ony speciall summoundis or warning to quhatsumevir persone of quhatsumevir age or qualitie, being outwith or within the realme; quhilk forme of proces wes neveir heirto befoir impugnit in jugement or utherwayis quhill now laitlie that the lordis of sessioun, at the instance of Johnne Gilbert, goldsmyth, burges of Edinburgh, haif foundit ane relevant caus of reductioun of ane proces of recognitioun of ane tenement lyand within the said burgh of Edinburgh, led at the instance of James Fentoun for non payment of ane annuelrent of xxx s., quhilk proces wes led abone the space of fyftie yeiris syne; and that becaus the said Johnne Gilbert, being allegit minor and furth of the realme, wes not speciallie warnit thairto, personallie or at his duelling place, the samin being on nawayis requisit of the law and forme of proces observit in sic caisis, and the samin standing in sic difference may bring with it ane grite alteratioun of the heritabill richt of the maist pairte of all the tenementis within the burrowis quhilk hes bene recognoscit be the samin maner of proces and als sensyne changit throw mony handis. In respect of the quhilkis, it wes desirit that the estaitis of this present parliament suld considder the said law of the majestie and act of parliament and to declair quhidder in the said proces of recognitioun and dome of propertie thair aucht ony pairtie in speciall be summond, and thairupoun to gif thair declaratioun in parliament in forme as effeiris, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said article. The kingis grace and thrie estaitis of this present parliament hes remittit and remittis this mater to the lordis appointit for veseing of the lawes, and in the meantyme dischargis the saidis lordis of counsall and sessioun of all forder proceding thairin, and that becaus it is understand to the saidis estaitis that this mater may ingenner grite inconvenientis to the burrowis upoun thair infeftment proceding upoun recognitioun and dome led thairupoun according to the auld lawes be the space of ane hundreth yeiris bipast.

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