Ane letre of pensioun grantit to the Comitesse of Mar and assignatioun thairof

Oure soverane lord, with avise and consent of the thrie estatis of parliament, efter mature deliberatioun and consideratioun takin anentis the lang aide and cairfull service done to his majestie be his lovit cousignes Dame Annabell, countes of Mar in the nutritour and upbringing of his majestie sen his hienes birthe committit to hir be the space of tuelf yeiris lastbypast, to the honour of God, full contentatioun of his majesteis weilfair and confort of this his hienes haill realme; and alsua off the sumptuous expensis maid be his said cousignes of hir awin leving, in performing and accomplissing honorablie of hir said charge induring the space foirsaid, by and attour the ordinar assignatioun appointit thairto, findis, declaris and decernis that his said cousignes, service meritis and is worthie of ane honorable remembrance, and that thairfoir his majesties said cousignes, for all the space of hir lyiff and efter hir deceis, his majesties cousigne Johne, now erll of Mar, for his lyftyme, salbe lawfullie providit and maid sure of ane yeirlie pensioun of tua thowsand merkis money of this realme, to be tane up yeirlie of the best and reddiest fructis of the first vacand abbacie or greit benefice or uther siclike accident quhair the samyn may be maist commodiouslie had and suirlie pait, the quhilk our said soverane lord, with avise foirsaid, in verbo principis promisis to caus be performit; and in the mean tyme gevis, grantis and assignis to his said cousignes, and efter hir deceis to his said cousigne, yeirlie and ilk yeir to cum quhill the provisioun and suirtie of the yeirlie pensioun foirsaid be maid to than as is abonewrittin, the soume of fyve hundrethe poundis money of his majesteis maillis of Stratherne, and the soume of sex hundreth pundis of the thrid of the money of the bischoprik of Sanctandros, togidder with sevin chalder victuall, quhyit, beir and malt to be tane up yeirlie as followis, to wit: furthe of Inveralloun, ane chalder quhyit; of Blairlogie, ane chalder quheit; of Bothkennar, aucht bollis quhyit; of Greneyairdis, aucht bollis malt; of the manis of Bothekennar, ane chalder, thrie bollis beir; and of the Grange of Bothkenner, ane chalder and fourtene bollis beir; commanding and chargeing his majesties comptrollaris and his officiaris present and to cum to mak thankfull pament of the money and victuallis foirsaidis out of his hienes proprietie and places thairof abonexpremit, to the said Dame Annabell, induring hir lyftyme, and efter hir deceis, to the said Johne, erll of Mar, for all the dayis off his lyff, yeirlie, quhilk salbe allowed in the comptis. And alsua commanding the lordis of his hienes sessioun to grant and direct lettres in dew forme, chargeing the bishop of Sanctandrois and his successoris to reddelie ansuer, obey and mak thankfull pament to his hienes said consignes induring hir lyftyme, and thairefter to the said erll, of the said soume of sex hundreth pundis of the thrid of the money of the said bischoprik yeirlie induring the space foirsaid. And forder, our soverane lord, with avise of the estatis foirsaidis, ordinis ane act of parliament and als lettres of gift and assignatioun respective to be maid of the premisis to his cousignes and cousigne under the previe seall in forme as effeiris.

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