Anent dowbill confirmationis of fewis of kirklandis and landis haldin immediatlie of oure soverane lord

Forsamekill as it is statute and ordanit be act of parliament maid in our soverane lordis derrest moderis tyme that na infeftmentis of kirklandis sett sen the aucht day of Marche, the yeir of God jM vC lviij yeiris suld be of ony force or effect without the samin wer dewlie and lawchtfullie confermit be oure soverane; and als forsamekle as it happinnis that dowbill infeftmentis of fewferme of ane portioun of landis gevin be ane ecclesiasticall persone to divers persones and sumtymes be divers ecclesiasticall persones, to witt, the predicessour and successour to divers personis in fewferme, and yit nather of the saidis infetmentis can tak effect or be of awale without thay be dewlie and lawchtfullie confermit be our soverane lord; and alswa it is oftymes sene that confirmatioun is grantit of bayth the saidis divers infeftmentis at divers tymes be the sutes of the parteis, lyk as it is fundin be sindrie ordinances of the previe counsall that our soverane lord and his hienes compositouris aucht not to deny his confirmatioun upoun the ressonabill expensis of the pairtie sutand upoun thair awin perrall; and lykwayis divers alienatiounis of landis haldin immediatlie of our soverane lord, being maid be ane persone to divers persones, dowbill confirmatiounis ar grantit be our soverane lord thairto, quhair as ane of the saidis confirmationis aucht and can only tak effect in all the causis abone specefiit; and notwithstanding it is the occasioun of grite debait amangis the liegeis, to thair grite expensis, alsweill in payment of thair compositionis as that the samin breidis occasioun of sic grite pley; for remeid thairof, it is concludit, statute and ordanit be our soverane lord and thrie estaitis of parliament quhasoevir obtenis or hes obtenit the first confirmatioun of ony infeftment, ather of kirklandis or uther landis haldin of our soverane lord, that that first confirmatioun salbe of availl, force and effect and sall prevaill to the secund, the said infeftment quhilk is first confirmit being valiabill in the selff and lawchtfullie maid; and in this cais, the last confirmatioun sall not be respectit, albeit the samin conferme the first infeftment, bot the first confirmatioun of the last infeftment sall prevaill to the last confirmatioun of the first infeftment be way of exceptioun or replay without ony summondis or proces of reductioun. It is alwayis providit that gif the principall infeftment first confirmit for ony uther substantiall caus by the foirsaid confirmatioun be of nane availl or unlawchtfullie maid, to the prejudice of ony uther pairtie haiffand entres the landis thairin contenit and quha may be excludit be ressoun of the said first confirmatioun be the pairtie haiffand entres, salbe hard to accuse or reduce the said infeftment first confirmit or utherwayis to mowe actioun aganis the sam as accordis of the law, quhidder thay haif obtenit confirmatioun of thair infeftment or not. It is alsua statute and ordanit that na dowbill confirmationis of infeftments of kirklandis or utheris haldin of our soverane lord be grantit heirefter, and dischargers the keparis of the signet, prewie and grite seillis that thai pas not dowbill confirmatiounis; and gif the saidis dowbill confirmationis pas in tyme cuming, oure said soverane lord, with avise of his saidis thrie estaitis, decernis and declaris the last confirmatioun to be of nane availl, providing as is abone specefiit.

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