The exoneratioun and discharge of umquhile Johnne, erll of Mar that last deceissit

Oure soverane lord the kingis majestie and thrie estaitis of this present parliament, perfytlie remembring and understanding that in the moneth of September, the yeir of God jM vC lx ellewin yeiris, immediatlie efter the deceis of Mathow, erll of Levenox, his hienes gudsir and regent of gude memorie, in the heit of the intestene weiris and trubillis than raisit and reging aganis his majesteis auctoritie, umquhile Johnne, erll of Mar, fader to now Johnne, erll of Mar, was nominat, electit and constitute regent to his majestie, his realme and liegeis, and the said electioun and constitutioun and acceptatioun of the said office be the said umquhile Johnne, erll of Mar wes be his majestie, with consent and approbatioun of the erllis, lordes, prelattis, commissionaris of burrowis, barronis and utheris faithfull subjectis convenit in parliament, decernit lawchtfull and sufficient, and that quhatsumevir thingis the said umquhile Johnne, erll of Mar, regent, had done, be vertew of his said office, or quhilkis he suld do thairefter in his majesteis name and auctoritie, to be als dewlie, lauchtfullie and richteouslie done, and to haif als grite availl and effect in all respectis as ony thing done be quhatsumevir regentis or governouris within this realme in the minoriteis of ony utheris native princes of the samin. And the said umquhile Erll of Mar, for dew administratioun of his said office and defence of his majestie and his hienes auctoritie, wes compellit to leif his majesties maist delectabill presens and cumpanie and his honorabill and peceabill estait of lewing in the castell of Striviling and pas to the toun of Leyth, and thair, with the utheris nobill men and faithfull subjectis defending and assisting his hienes auctoritie in halding of ane grite nowmer of men of weir, and furnessing of munitionis and uther thingis necessar for weir aganis the grite nowmer and strenth of adversares than being in grite companie in the castell and toun of Edinburgh and divers places of his majesteis realme, not only spendit and debursit all and quhatsumevir rentis, rowmes and utheris proffitis micht be brocht in pertening to his majestie, other in propertie or casualitie, besydis the thirlage of his awin leving and the rentis of his proper dependence for the advancement of our soverane lordis service, bot alsua oftymes baith day and nicht exponit his awin body and lyff with the utheris nobillmen and faithfull subjectes foirsaidis to the schot of the cannone and ege of the suord be all the space for the maist pairte of his lyff, efter the electioun and acceptatioun of the said office be him, ay and quhill it pleissit the almichtie God, in the favouris of his majestie be the prudent administratioun of the said office be the said umquhile Erll of Mar and the faithfull and stuit defending of his majesties auctoritie be him and utheris nobill men and faithfull subjectes assisting thairto, ane abstinence wes tane for forder treating of the pacificatioun of the saidis trubbillis in the moneth of Julii jM vC lxxij yeiris, efter the quhilk schortlie the said umquhile erll, at the plesour of God, depairtit out of this lyff. Thairfoir, in respect of the manifest trewth of the premiss, oure said soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis, be this present act, declaris and decernis that the said umquhile Johnne, erll of Mar, sumtyme regent to his majestie, his realme and liegeis, dewlie, vailyeantlie, justlie and diligentlie exercit the said office of regiment and all effairis, causis and chairges thairto appertening fra the tyme of his acceptatioun of the said office unto his deceis, and in all his procedingis and doingis the tyme of his gubernament and regiment keipit and observit ane trew, just and vailyeant pairte towart his majestie and defence of the auctoritie, realme and liegeis in all effairis thairof without offence or fault; and ratefiis and appreves, thairfoir, all and quhatsumevir thingis done be him in the samyn and exoneris and discharges Johnne, now erll of Mar, sone and air to the said umquhile Johne, erll of Mar, his airis, successouris and assignayis of all and quhatsumevir factis and thingis done be his said umquhile fader, his servandis or utheris in his name, in the administratioun of the said office of regiment and during all the space and tyme of the samin; and als of all sowmes of money, mailles, fermes, proffittis, rentis, revnues and dewteis, baith of his majesteis proper patrimonie and casualitie of this realme, and proffeit of his majesties cunyie, thriddis of benefices and quhatsumevir utheris guidis or geir, alsweill unnamit as namit, pertening or that micht ony wayis haif pertenit to his majestie induring the tyme foirsaid intrometit with be the said umquhile Erll of Mar, his factouris and servandis in his name, and all actioun and instance that may be intentit or persewit aganis the said Johnne, now erll of Mar, sone and air to the said umquhile Johnne, erll of Mar, or ony utheris be his occasioun ony wayis concerning the premiss or ony pairt thairof, provyding alwayis that this present discharge and ratificatioun on na wayis prejuge our said soverane lord anent his generall revocatioun of thai thingis that cumis under the same.

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