Procedure: oath
Erll of Morton gaif his ayth

The quhilk day, in presens of the kingis majestie, nobilitie and estaittis abonewrittin, James, erll of Mortoun, lord of Dalkeyth, being admittit to be of his majesteis ordinar prevy counsale, quhill the parliament appointit to be haldin at Edinburgh upoun the tent day of Julii nixtocum, and in respect of the charge he buir of befoir as regent to his hienes, ordanit to have the first rowme and place in counsale, maid fayth and gaif his ayth be halding up his hand that he sould gif his aufauld, leill and trew counsall in all thingis sould happin tobe proponit in counsale tending to the honour and suirtie of his majesteis maist nobill persoun, the commoun effaris of his realme and liegis thairof, and keip the samyn secreit and unrevelit be ony maner of way, and tobe responsall and accusabill to his hienes and his estaittis of his counsale, and that he sall remane, abyde and be reddy to gif his counsale and not depart without licence of his majestie and remanent of the same counsale.

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