Anent the thriddis of benefices tobe still chargit for and payit as of befoir quhill forder ordour be takin in the constitutioun and establissing of the ecclesiasticall polecy

Forsamekle as amangis the overtures maid for releif and supple of the present povirtie of the croun, mention wes maid of the thridis of the benefices first grantit and takin up be ordour and directioun of ane act of the secreit counsall in the regnne of the quene, our soverane lordis moder, for support of the prince in interteneing and setting fordwart the commoune effairis of the cuntre and the ressonabill sustentatioun of the ministerie, quhilk continewit quhill the parliament haldin in the first yeir of oure soverane lordis regnne, that the thridis wer first ordanit tobe payit to the ministeris and the rest and superplus tobe applyit to oure soverane lordis use; according to the quhilk, albeit the ministeris had nevir sa large stipendis nor sa certane payment and gude assignationis of the first and reddiest of the saidis thridis, yit is not the superplus cuming to the kingis use and commoditie that thing quhilk men takis tobe, and is not had, without murmour, as thocht na part of the saidis thridis had bene gevin or grantit for support of the prince, for the intertenyment of the publict chargeis and effairis of the realme. Quhilk mater being ressonit and maturelie deliberat upoun, it is thocht expedient and concludit that the thridis of the haill benefices salbe chargeit for and takin up to the effect for quhilk thay wer grantit and in maner as thay ar presentlie, quhill further ordour and resolutioun be takin thairanent in the constitutioun and establissing of the ecclesiasticall policie be the haill estaittis in parliament.

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