Sederunt and discharge
Erll of Argyle presentis the jowellis

The quhilk day, in presence of the nobill and michtie lord James, erll of Mortoun, lord of Dalkeyth, regent to oure soverane lord, his realme and liegis, and of the nobilitie, estaittis and lordis of the secreit counsale underwrittin assemblit at this present convention: thay ar to say, Johnne, lord Glammis, chancellair of Scotland, Archibald, erll of Angus, lord Dowglas and Abirnethie, George, erll of Huntlie, lord Gordoun and Badyenoch, Johnne, erll of Atholl, lord of Balvany, Andro, erll of Errole, lord Hay, Johnne, erll of Montrois, lord Grahame, Gilbert, erll of Cassillis, lord Kennedy, Hew, erll of Eglintoun, lord Montgomery, William, erll of Glencarne, lord of Kilmawris, Andro, erll of Rothes, lord Leslie, Robert, erll of Buchane, lord of Glendowachy, Williame, erll of Menteith, Williame, Maister of Marschell, James, archebischop of Glasgow, Robert, bischop of Caithnes, George, bischop of Murray, Adam, bischop of Orknay, Alexander, bischop of Galloway, James, bischop of Dunkeld, Alexander, bischop of Brechin, Williame, lord Ruthvene, thesaurare of Scotland, and provest of Perth, Patrik, lord Lindesay of the Byris, provest of Edinburgh, Johnne, lord Maxwell, wardane of the west marche foranent England, Robert, lord Boyd, provest of Glasgow, Johnne, lord Hereis, George, lord Seytoun, Hew, lord Somervile, Williame, lord Levingstoun, Robert, lord Sympill, Laurence, lord Oliphant, Alexander, lord Saltoun, Hew, lord Fraser of Lovett, Henry, lord Sinclair, Andro, lord Stewart of Uchiltre, Allan, lord Cathcart, Williame, lord Borthuik, Patrik, Maister of Gray, Johnne, Maister of Forbes, Robert, commendatare of Dunfermling, secretare to oure soverane lord, Mark, commendatare of Newbottill, Robert, commendatare of Deir, James, commendatar of Pettinweme, Robert, commendatare of Sanct Marie Ile, Alexander, commendatare of Coldinghame, Leonard, abbott of Cowpar, Walter, abbot of Kinloss, Andro, commendatare of Jedburgh, James, commendatare of Sanct Colmis Inche, Alexander, commendatare of Culross, Johnne, Pryour of Portmook, Henry, commendatare of Balmerynocht, Allan, commendatare of Corsraguell, Johnne, commendatare of Sawlsett, Sir Williame Murray of Tulibardin, knycht, comptrollar to oure soverane lord, Maister Williame Baillie, lord Provand, president of the college of justice, Maister James Makgill of Rankelour Nethir, clerk of register, Schir Johnne Bellendene of Auchnowle, knycht, justice clerk, Maister David Borthuik of Lochill, advocat to oure soverane lord, Maister James Haliburtoun, provest of Dunde, Johnne Lokhart, provest of Air, and Johnne Patersoun, provest of Cowpar; comperit ane nobill and michtie lord Coline, erll of Ergyle, lord Campbell and Lorne, for him self and in name and behalf of Dame Annas Keith, countesse of Ergyle and Murray, his spous, and of Elizabeth and Margaret Stewartis, dochteris and airis of umquhile James, erll of Murray, lord Abirnethie, regent for the tyme, presentit, exhibitit and deliverit to the said lord regent, in name and behalf of oure said soverane lord, the jowellis respective underwrittin, that is to say, ane greit 'H' of dyamont, with ane ruby pendand thairat, sex uther jowellis thairof, thre dyamontis and the uther thre rubyis intromettit with and kepit be the said Dame Agnes and hir said spous sen the deceis of the said umquhile Erll of Murray, and that for obeying of the command of the lettres past conforme to ane act of secreit counsale, according to ane act of parliament, ordaning the said lord regent to serche, seik and inbring all oure soverane lordis jowellis to his hienes use quhairevir that mycht be apprehendit, be the quhilkis the said Dame Agnes and hir said spous wer chargeit to deliver the saidis jowellis to the said lord regent; and thairfoir his grace, in name of oure soverane lord, with avise of the said secreit counsale, grantis him to haif ressavit the saidis jowellis fra the said Coline, erll of Ergyle, Dame Agnes Keyth, his spous, the saidis Elizabeth and Margaret Stewartis, dischargeing thame, thair airis, successouris, executouris and assignayis of the same for evir; and for the mair securitie, sall caus this present discharge tobe ratefiit in the nixt parliament, in the best forme, for thair releif thairof.

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