Anent the annuellis to be payit of brunt and demolischit housis and tenementis within the burgh of Edinburgh, Cannogait and utheris suburbes thairabout the tyme of thir lait troublis

Item, forsamekle as it is considderit the hevie dampnage and skaith sustenit be the nichtbouris of Edinburgh, Cannogait and utheris, the suburbes thairabout, quha left thair landis and heritages and gudis for acknawledgeing our soverane lordis maist just authoritie, be the quhilk thair landis and heritages was demolischit, wrakkit and brunt be his hienes declarit tratouris and rebellis, being within the castell and burgh of Edinburgh, and thair assistaris, the saidis landis being addettit in sindrie annuelrentis; quhilkis persounis, heritouris of the saidis annuellis, ar now persewand the saidis landis for the byrunnis awin thame, notwithstanding thay ar demolischit and brunt as said is; thairfoir our soverane lord, with avise and consent of my lord regentis grace, the thre estatis and haill bodie of this present parliament, declaris the saidis landis brunt and demolischit as said is, not to be oblist to mak compleit payment of the annuellis awin furth thereof, bot the samin to be defalkit according to the actis maid of befoir anent the payment of the annuellis awin furth of the landis lyand within the said burgh, brunt of befoir be the power of Ingland, then enemies to this realme, and the parteis, awnaris of the saidis annuelrentis, not to have farther actioun but according to the act of parliament maid anent the payment of annuellis awin furth of the saidis brunt landis, seing the demolitioun foirsaid is done be our soverane lordis declarit tratouris, quhilk is alike to the personis dampnageit as gif the samin had bene done be forane enemeis; providing this act extend to nane bot to sic as assistit and tuke part with our soverane lord during the time of thir lait troublis and continewis thairin.

  1. The Actis of King James the Sext, printed by R. Lekprevick (St Andrews, 1573), ff.15r-v. Bound with earlier parliamentary material at NLS, Acts 1566, Ry.II.b.7. Back