1573, 26 January, Edinburgh, Parliament

Additional Source: Printed 'Lekprevick' Edition

Apud Edinburgh, [xxvjo Januarii 1573]

Procedure: preamble

In the parliament haldin at Edinburgh, the xxvj day of Januar the yeir of God ane thousand fyve hundreth thre scoir twelf yeiris, thir lawis, statutes and constitutiounis ar devysit, concludit, statute and ordanit be the right hie, excellent and michtie prince and our soverane lord James the Sext, by the grace of God, king of Scottis, with avise and consent of ane nobill and michtie lord and his richt traist cousing James, erle of Mortoun, lord Dalkeith etc., regent to his majestie, his realme and liegis, and thre estatis of this realme, assemblit and convenit to that effect, of the quhilkis lawis and constitutiounis the tenoris followis:

  1. English reports mention a further seven acts not included in the printed 'Lekprevick' edition: 1. Proposed alliance with England and other Protestant countries; 2. Divorce; 3. Ratification to the University of Glasgow; 4. Advice to the regent on suspension of pursuit of murderers of Henry Stewart, lord Darnley and Matthew Stewart, earl of Lennox; 5. Exoneration to John Lyon, lord Glamis for intromitting with the house of Sir John Carnegie of Kinnaird; 6. Ratification of the earldom of Lennox to Charles Stewart; 7. Restoration of Sir James Balfour of Pittendreich and his brother. See CSP Scot., iv, pp.463-6, 489. For discussion on these statutes, see J. Goodare, 'The Scottish parliamentary records, 1560-1603', Historical Research, 72 (1999), p.261. Back
  2. The Actis of King James the Sext, printed by R. Lekprevick (St Andrews, 1573), f.6r. Bound with earlier parliamentary material at NLS, Black Acts, 1566-94, H.33.c.21, Scots Acts of Parliament, H.33.c.23 or Scots Acts, H.33.c.25. See also NAS, PA6/1, 1572/3. Back