1. NAS, PC1/7, pp.1-2. Back
  2. CSP Sco., iv, 434 mentions Montrose, Jedburgh and Peebles had (unnamed) burgh commissioners present at the session of the convention on 19 November. Back
  3. Note, CSP Sco., iv, 433 gives the following lairds as being in attendance on 15 November 1572: 'The lairds of Sesforde, Cowldenknowes, Edmistoun, Makerstoun, Bedrell, Riddill, Watton, Sadensyde, Ayton, Wedderborne, Alexander Hume of Manderston, Alexander Hume of Hutton Hall, the lairds of Spott, Enderwicke, Billie and Qwinton, Andrew Woode of Widsoun, Andrew Sympill of Catcarthe, the lairds of Basse, Ormeston, Herdneston, Elphinstoun, Langenether, Brude, Curstaphin, Ridhull, Dundass, Craghall, Sadder, [H]alton, Lathnoris, Cowden, Foulewood, Drumwhassill, Arthe, Glencarne, Lugbay, Kenerbie, Cunninghamehede, Bair, Carnell, Draghorne, Selwood, Bargtun, Carleton, Blaire, Staire, Drunlanerik, Apegirthe, Covinton, George Dowglas of Pluck Heade, the lairds of Mamnis, Killspend, Carmichell, Abbotishall, Ramorny, Gardin, Ogell, Crage, Bandam, Cossyns, Thornolne, Cadder, Ester Waymis, the Laird Malcolmetoshe, the lairds of Foullis, Lundie, Linge, Baltrie, the Constable of Dundee, the lairds of Forrett, Bawarde, Bafoure and Sege'.
    CSP Sco., iv, 434 gives the following in attendance on 19 November 1572: 'The laird of Fowles in Ross, McKyntoshe, chiftane of the Clan Quhattane in Murray, the lairds of Wattertoun in Buchane, Thornetoun in Merins, Lundy in Fyff, Largo, Abbotishall, Bas in Louthiane, Spot, Ormistoun, Hirdmestoun, Rosline, Corstorphin, Dundas, Cragyhall, Innerleith, Weddirburne in the Merse, Swyntoun, Aytoun, Coldenknowis, Cesfurd in Teviotdale, Bedroull, the Gudman [of] Gallowshelis in the Forest, the lairds of Craignair in Twedeell, Covintoun in Clidesdale, Drumlangrig in Nytisdaill, Apilgarth in Annandaill, Bargany in Carrik, the lairds of Bar, Carnell, Dreghorne, and others in tale, the lairds of Mynto and Duntreith, and many other barons and gentlemen'.