Procedure: oaths

The quhilk day the estaittis and utheris abonewrittin, being convenit in counsall, the parliament not as yit dissolvit, enterit in deliberatioun towardes the present estait of the realme, now being destitute of a governour throw the recent slauchter and awaytaking of the kingis majesteis guidsir Mathow, erll of Levenax, lord Dernlie, lauchfull tutour and regent to his hienes, his realme and liegis, his majestie being yit minor and unabill to administrat in his awin persoun. And first, all in ane voce aggreit that ane is mair convenient to governe and rewll in the kingis majesteis minoritie, nor ma. Secundlie, all promittit and gaif thair solempnit aythis to obey the persoun that sould happin tobe chosin to that rowme. And lastlie, the nobill men present gaif thair aythis that quhasaevir sould be chosin to the office of regentrie sould accept the same and not refuise it.

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