That na schippis saill without oure soverane lordis coquet

Item, it is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord, his regent foirsaid, the thre estaitis and haill body of this present parliament, that na schippis pas furth of this realme to the realme of France or ony utheris partis without oure soverane lordis coquet; and that na coquet nor prive wrychting be purchest or takin of oure soverane lordis moder, hir pretendit lieutenentis or ony utheris in hir name in na tymes cuming, under the pane of escheitting of all sic schippis and haill guidis being thairin; and the persones, haveris away of the saidis schippis, or purchessouris and takaris of the saidis coquettis or utheris wrychtingis foirsaidis, as said is, to be punist in thair personis and gudis with all rigoure.

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