Declaration: regarding the commission of regency
Declaratioune anent the commissioune of regentrie

At Edinburch, the fourtene day of Merche, the yeir of God jM vC lxix yeiris. The lordis of secreitt counsall and utheris of the nobilitie, prelattis and commissaris of burrowis underwritten: thay ar to say, Jhonne, erle of Athole, lord of Balvanye, James, erle of Mortoune, lord of Dalkeyth, chancellare of Scotland, Jhonne, erle of Mar, lord Erskene, Alexander, erle of Glencairne, lord of Kilmawris, Robert, erle of Buchane, Patrik, lord Ruthvene, Jhonne, lord Glammis, Patrik, lord Lindsay of the Byris, Robert, lord Sempill, Allane, lord Cathcart, Andro, lord Stewart of Uchiltrie, Henrie, lord Methvene, Patrik, maister of Gray, Adame, bischop of Orknay, Robert, commendatar of Dumfarmeling, Jhonne, commendater of Balmerinoche, Mark, commendatar of Newbottill, David, commendatar of Dryburche and Inchemahome, Adame, commendater of Cambuskennethe, Alexander, commendater of Culros, Jhonne, priour of Portmook, Adame Fowllertoune, commissionaire for Edinburch, Maister James Halyburtoune, provest of Dundie, Patrik Murray of Tibbermuir, commissionar for Perthe, Alexander Forrester of Garden, provest of Striviling, David Luklaw, commissioner for Cowper, Maister Alexander Sibbald, commissionare for Sanctandros, Paule Reid, commissioner for Air, Sir Jhonne Bellendene of Awchnowle, knycht, justice clerk, and Mr James McKill of Rankeloure Nether, clerk of our soverane lordis register, being convenit in the tolbuith of our burche of Edinburch, it was proponit in quhat dangerous estait the commounewealthe of this realme stuid, the same presentlie being destitute of a governour throw the treassonabill, vile and unworthie murther laitlie perpetrat in the persoune of umquhill James, erle of Murray, lord Abirnethie, regent to our soverane lord, his realme and leigis, his hienes being yit minor and unhabill to administrat in his awin persoune; the lords, prelattis, commissioneris of burrowis and utheris abonewrittin commandit the actis and constitutiounes of parliament concerning the coronatioune of our soverane lord and constitutioune of the regiment of the realme during his hienes minoritie to be red, and in speciall ane commissioune maid and subscryvit be the quene our soverane lordis moder the tyme of dimissioune of hir crowne in his hienes favouris, of the quhilk the tenour followis: Marie, be the grace of God, quene of Scottis, etc.; quhilkis actis and commissioune being red, efter lang ressoning and mature deliberatioune, the saidis lordis, prelattis, commissioneris of burrowis and utheris abonespecifeit findis and declairis that the said commissioune is in the self guid, valiabill and sufficient, and that the haill number of the nobilmen abonementionat nominat thairin, or ony foure, thrie, twa or ane of thame professand and acknawlegeing the kingis auctoritie (the remanent refuseand or haveand just caus of excuise), may accept upoune thame the said commissioune and office of regentrie to our soverane lord, his realme and leigis, and may use and exerce the same office be vertew of the said commissioune als fitlie and lawchfullie as ony utheris governouris or regentis of this realme hes usit the same office in tyme bygane preceiding the dait heirof.

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