Procedure: demission of the provostship of St Leonard's College
Dimissioune of Buchannane in favouris of Adamsoune of the provestrie of Sant Leonards College

The lordis of secreit counsall and utheris of the nobilitie and estaittis being convenit for taking ordoure in the effairis of this commounewealthe, amangis utheris materis being cairfull of the kingis majesteis preservatioune and guid educatioune, and considdering how necessar the attendance of Mr George Buchannane, maister of Sanct Leonardis College within the universitie of Sanctandros, upoune his hienes salbe, and that it behuifis the said Mr George to withdraw himselff fra his chairge of the said college gif he makis continwall residence with his majestie, nawayes willing that the same college and yowthe being thairin salbe destitute of regiment and guid instructioune throw the said Mr Georgeis absence, he thairfoir, compeirand personallie in presens of the saidis lordis of the counsall, nobilitie and utheris of the estaittis abonewrittin, at thair desyre and of his awin will and proper motive, dimittit and gaive over his chairge and place of maister of the said college in the favour of his weilbelovit Maister Patrik Adamesoune, and na utherwayes, of quhais honestie, qualificatioune, literature and sufficiencie to administrat the said chairge and place nocht onlie the said Mr George but the saidis lordis, nobilitie and estaittis hes guid opinioune and certane experience. And, albeit the presentatioune, nominatioune and admissioune of the maister of the said college pertenit of auld to the pryoure of Sanctandros, yit the same rycht and patronage presentlie appertenis to our soverane lord, alsweill be ressoune of the lawis of the realme as becaus the priorie of Sanctandros presentlie vaikis, destitut of a prioure or commendater; and seing it tendis to Goddis glorie and the avancement of the commounewealthe that guid letters flureis and incres, and that delay in nocht placeing and admitting of ane qualifeit and sufficient maister to the said college may grytlie prejudge and hinder the same, and gif the studentis occasioune to staill and separat thameselffis, the saidis lordis, nobilitie and staittis thairfoir, in respect of the present necessitie, in oure soverane lordis name, ressavit the said Maister Georgeis dimissioune, and thairupoune ressavit and admittit the said Mr Patrik to the said chairge and regiment of the said college of Sanctandros as principall maister thairof, withe all immuniteis, privilegeis, commoditeis and dewiteis belangand to the same, siclyk as the said Mr George or ony utheris maisteris of the said college usit and broukit the same of befoir; and ordanes him to be answerit and obeyit thairin in tyme cuming, and na uther, and requesting the counsall and sessioune to grant him letters to that effect, gif neid beis. Attour, the said Mr George maid and constitute his weilbelovittis [...], conjunctlie and severallie, his verray lawchfull and undoutit procuratouris in his name, to compeir befoir quhatsumevir persounes haveand or that salhappin to have auctoritie and power to ressave resignationis, and thay to mak the said dimissioune of new in favouris of the said Mr Patrik, and na utherwayes, gif the same salbe requisit, quhairupoun he askit actis and instrumentis.

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