Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

The quhilk day, noble and mychtie lordis George, erle of Huntlie, lord Gordoun and Bayenach etc., Archibald, erle of Ergile, lord Campble and Lorne etc., and Johnne, lord Hereis, protestit, every ane of thame respective for thame selffis, that na falt suld be imput to thame, nor ony of thame, for ony caus bigane committit or done be thame sen the tent day of Junii last bipast, albeit thai haif nocht done sik thyngis as thai suld haif done obedientlie and as become thame of thair dewithie. My lord regentis grace, in presence of the thre estatis of parliament, declarit that he forgaif and forgevis the saidis erlis and lord for ony occasioun bigane and siclyke all other liegis of this realm, quhilkis will, in tyme cuming, assist to the kingis majestie and his regent in the effaris tane on hand be him and the personis assistand to thame and punischement of the murthour of the king. And thairefter, the forsaid declaratioun maid be my lord regentis grace, being votit be the thre estatis of parliament, thay inlikewise declarit according to the forsaid declaratioun of the said lord regent, quhairupoun the saidis erlis and lord askit instrumentis.

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