That na hors be caryit furth of the realme as commoun merchandice

Item, forsamekle as albeit thair was divers actis and ordinances maid of befoir inhibiting the carying of ony hors furth of this realme, yit thir twa yeiris last bypast divers personis, partlie under pretence of privilegeis and licences, and partlie without ony leif, hes transportit hors furth of this cuntrie to Burdeaux and utheris partis beyond sey, and maid ane commoun traid and mercat thairof, to the greit skaith of the commoun weill and raising of derth of hors, gif remeid be not provydit; thairfoir, it is statute and ordanit be the kingis grace, with avise of his derrest regent and thre estatis of parliament, that nane of the liegis of this realme tak upon hand, privatlie or oppinlie, to cary or transport furth of the samin be sey ony maner of hors in tyme cuming, and in lykewyse that na skipparis and maisteris of schippis, indwellaris of this realme or strangeris, ressaif within thair schippis ony hors to be transportit to uther cuntreis, under the paine of confiscatioun of the horsis, schippis and remanent gudis movabill of the transportaris and punissing of thair personis at the kingis majesteis will and his said regentis.

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