Procedure: preamble

The court of parliament of that excellent prince and lord our king James V, by the grace of God, king of Scots, held at Edinburgh on 15 September 1542, by the lords commissioners undersigned, namely, the reverend and reverend fathers in Christ David [Beaton], cardinal and archbishop of St Andrews, Gavin [Dunbar], archbishop of Glasgow, chancellor, Patrick [Hepburn], bishop of Moray, William [Stewart], bishop of Aberdeen, the noble and potent lords James [Stewart], earl of Moray, George [Leslie], earl of Rothes, Lord Thomas Erskine [of Halton and Brechin], secretary, Master James Foulis of Colinton, clerk of the rolls and register, Master Thomas Bellenden of Auchnoull, justice clerk, along with Archibald Beaton, marischal deputy, Patrick Baron [of Spittalfield], constable deputy, Robert Black, sergeant, and William Wilkin, dempster.

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