Procedure: preamble

The court of parliament of that excellent prince and lord our king James V, by the grace of God, king of Scots, held at Edinburgh on 4 May 1542, by the lords commissioners undersigned, namely, the reverend fathers in Christ Gavin [Dunbar], archbishop of Glasgow, chancellor, the noble and potent lords Archibald [Campbell], earl of Argyll, lord Campbell and Lorne etc., James [Hamilton], earl of Arran, James [Stewart], earl of Moray, Master James Foulis of Colinton, clerk of the rolls, register and council of our supreme lord the king, Master Thomas Bellenden [of Auchnoull], justice clerk, and Master Henry Balnaves of Halhill, with Patrick Baron [of Spittalfield], constable deputy, Adam Baron, marischal deputy, John Dalmahoy, sergeant, and John Wilkin, dempster.

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