For reforming kirks and kirkmen

Item, that because of the negligence of divine service, the great dishonesty in the kirk through not making of reparation to the honour of God almighty and to the blessed sacrament of the altar, the Virgin Mary and all holy saints, and also the dishonesty and misrule of kirkmen, both in wit, knowledge and manners, are the matters and causes that the kirk and kirkmen are belittled and contempted, for remedy hereof, the king's grace exhorts and prays openly that all archbishops, ordinaries and other prelates, and every kirkman in his own degree, reform themselves, their obediencers and kirkmen under them, in habit and manners to God and man, and that they cause in every kirk within their diocese under their jurisdiction, cure and rule reparation and reparelling to be honestly and substantiously made and done to the honour of God almighty, the blessed sacrament and divine service, every kirk after the quality and quantity of their rents; and if any person, alleging themselves to be exempt, will not obey nor submit to their superior in that behalf, the king's grace shall find remedy thereof from the pope's holiness, and likewise against the said prelates if they be negligent.

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