Of craftsmen, brewers, sellers of salt and victual within the burgh

Item, because of the great oppression daily done upon our sovereign lord's lieges by cordiners, smiths, bakers, brewers and all other craftsmen, sellers of victual and salt, compelling them to pay exorbitant prices for their stuff and workmanship, to the great harm of all our sovereign lord's lieges, bringing such dearth in the country that the same may not be sustained, for remedy hereof, it is statute and ordained that our sovereign lord shall give commission to a certain number of his lords and others who his grace pleases best to sit, and with them the provost of Edinburgh, and make such statutes and ordinances as they shall think most expedient for the common good, to cause all craftsmen within the town of Edinburgh, and others of the realm, to make good and sufficient stuff and sell the same at a suitable price and to take suitably for their workmanship and labours if they work another man's stuff and matter, and to make all sellers of victual or salt to sell the same at a suitable price without dearth; and whoever does in the contrary, to punish them with all rigour, and the said commissioners to do justice upon the breakers of these ordinances as often as they hear murmur or complaint thereof, and to punish them in their goods as they find the greatness of the fault as appropriate.

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