That no man sell nolt, sheep to Englishmen nor send victuals, fish or salt into England

Item, because a great part of the realm, and especially near the borders, have been these many years bygone in our sovereign lord's minority unplenished, and a great part of the inland robbed of their goods and the same had and sold in England by thieves and traitors, whereby all manner of stuff has grown to a great price and dearth, and now our sovereign lord putting order of justice, rest and tranquility amongst his lieges and that plenty of goods may grow amongst them, has ordained and statute, with the advice of his three estates in parliament, that no manner of man in time coming sell nolt, sheep or other cattle, old or young, to any Englishman by himself or any intermediary person, or have or send the same to England to be sold, and that no manner of man send in to England victuals, fish or salt under the pain of confiscation of all their movable goods, and that all wardens, provosts, bailies of towns and keepers of ports and harbours within the realm make diligent search and seek the breakers hereof under the pain of the loss of their offices and the imprisoning of their persons for a year and a day enduring the will of his grace the king; and if any Englishman comes into this realm with their ships to buy victuals, fish or salt, the king's grace shall grant to them his safe-conduct to do the same, if his grace thinks the same expedient; and the safe-conduct being obtained, it shall be lawful for all merchants and others within the realm to sell such merchandise to the said Englishmen for gold and silver, or to barter for other goods and sufficient merchandise.

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  2. Marginalia: 'superseded', deleted. Also, 'pronounced', in PA2/8, II version. Back
  3. Marginalia: 'if his grace thinks the same expedient; and the said safe-conduct being obtained', inserted into text in PA2/8, II version. Back