Judicial proceeding: reduction of forfeiture; continuation

On the which day Adam Otterburn [of Auldhame and Reidhall], king's advocate, and in his name, also George Douglas, brother german of the noble and powerful lord Archibald [Douglas], earl of Angus, Sir James Hamilton of Finnart, and William Menteith of West Kerse, often called by the royal summons procured at the instance of Sir John Stirling of Keir, for seeing and hearing a certain pretended judgement of forfeiture given and carried against the said John to be cancelled and annulled, etc., because of certain reasonable causes contained in the said summons, as is contained more fully in the same, the said lords commissioners continued this summons with all following thereon in the form and effect which it now is until 10 May instant, without prejudice of the parties.

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