Judicial proceeding: reduction of forfeiture; continuation

On the which day Sir John Stirling, formerly of Keir, compeared in the said parliament and produced there a certain royal summons under the testimony of the great seal, procured at the instance of the same John against and opposing Master Adam Otterburn of Auldhame [and Reidhall], advocate of the said supreme lord our king, George Douglas, brother german of the noble and powerful lord Archibald [Douglas], earl of Angus, Sir James Hamilton of Finnart, William Menteith of West Kerse, and all and singular others having interest, for seeing and hearing the cancellation and annulling of a certain pretended judgement of forfeiture given, had and carried against the said John Stirling in the parliament held at the said burgh on 19 November last past [1526], with all following thereon, for many causes and reasons contained in that summons publicly read through there; which summons was proved to be lawfully executed in the presence of the said lords commissioners of parliament and in the presence of the parties written above, by John Pardovan, keeper of the keys, and the witnesses inserted in the summons, namely William Hutchison and Sir Henry Fingask. And then the said summons with all following thereon was continued by the said lords commissioners until Thursday, 9 May instant, without prejudice of the parties.

The said John Stirling asked for an instrument or instruments upon the forgoing. At the eleventh hour before noon, the lords being witnesses, etc.

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