The king present with the prelates, barons and burgh commissioners following.

On the same day, the lords elected to the articles
  1. NAS, PA2/8, I, f.34v. Back
  2. John Campbell nominated by the crown before 18 September 1514 and granted provision before 18 June 1515, but this was only a papal signature and was never consecrated, hence the title 'Bishop Elect'. See Fasti, p.265. Back
  3. This is either George Hepburn or his successor James Hepburn. George still occupied the office reportedly on 28 February 1527, but James Hepburn was promised annates when appointed coadjutor and successor to George Hepburn on 29 January 1526. See Fasti, p.137. Back
  4. In NAS, PA7/1/7 there is a partially illegible manuscript that Robertson has placed at 15 November 1526 in his Parliamentary Records. No evidence exists with the manuscript to date this list of the lords of articles and the lords of session to 15 November 1526. Back