Committee members: privy council
Secret council

On the which day the foresaid lords of articles have chosen and ordained that these lords underwritten, that is to say, my lord [James Beaton, archbishop] of St Andrews, my lord [Gavin Dunbar, younger, archbishop] of Glasgow, my lord [Gavin Dunbar, elder, bishop] of Aberdeen, and my lord [James Chisholm, bishop] of Dunblane for the spirituality, and my lords [Archibald Douglas], earl of Angus, [James Hamilton], earl of Arran, [Colin Campbell], earl of Argyll, and [John Stewart], earl of Lennox, for the temporality, shall be lords of the secret council to steer, execute and put forth the king's authority in all matters concerning the honour and good counsel of our sovereign lord's person, the common welfare of his realm and lieges, and matters between realm and realm, and in all other matters as follow hereafter, in particular, [Margaret Tudor], the queen's grace, being the principal and one of the same as odd person, and that nothing is to be done without their advice thereto according to the said articles and statutes made thereupon, the queen's grace being the principal and one of the same as odd person as said is.

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  2. In other words, having the final and casting vote. Back