1524, 14 November, Edinburgh, Parliament

Parliamentary Register

14 November 1524

Procedure: preamble

The parliament of the most excellent prince and our lord, the lord James V, most illustrious king of Scots, held at Edinburgh on 14 November 1524 by the most reverend and reverend fathers in Christ fathers James [Beaton], archbishop of St Andrews, Gavin [Dunbar], bishop of Aberdeen, David [Arnott], bishop of Galloway, Hugh [Montgomery], earl of Eglinton, Gilbert [Kennedy], earl of Cassilis, Robert [Maxwell], lord Maxwell, James Wishart of Pittarrow, Mr Adam Otterburn [of Auldhame and Reidhall], James Preston, provost of Edinburgh, and Nicholas Crawford, commissioners by special commission of our supreme lord the king, along with Gilbert Keith, deputy of [William Keith], earl Marischal, David Wood, deputy of [William Hay, earl of Erroll], constable, Andrew Dalmahoy, sergeant, and John Anderson, judge [dempster]. On the which day, with the suits called, the court was fenced, and the absentees noted.

  1. NAS, PA2/8, I, f.1r. Note on PA2/8: This volume of the parliamentary register in fact appears to have been created from three separate volumes of 'official' acts, and therefore has three sets of separate folio numbers. For the purposes of this edition the separate sections are therefore described as PA2/8, I, II and III. Special note should be taken of the peculiarities of this volume, as PA2/8, III, repeats some of the legislation in PA2/8, II. The discrepancies between the two are in general slight, and have been noted where necessary. However PA2/8, III, is far less complete in the legislation it includes, and omits much material found in PA2/8, II. Back