Legislation: private act (abstract)

[King James, etc. Further to the uniting of the ancient hospital in Montrose to the Friar Preachers [Dominicans], and translation of the old place of the friars to the house, church and place of the said hospital, experience in the meantime has shown that the place is not as convenient or appropriate for divine worship as the old place was, because the new hospital is in a public place through which horses, itinerant beggars, workers with carts, etc., move noisily and come together in a tumult, hindering the friars in divine celebration and at times decreed for quiet. Therefore, with the advice, authority and consent of John [Stewart], duke of Albany and the three estates in this parliament, the king ordains that the said place and residence of the friars preachers be translated anew and returned to the old location, and all the ancient rents, fruits, etc., and those that were granted by the late Patrick Panter, abbot of Cambuskenneth, secretary to James IV, to the old location, should be applied in future, as before. With the proviso that the foundation made most recently to them be observed in all points in the said old location, the hospital is maintained, and they cause a mass to be celebrated every day in future. Under the great seal, with the seals of many prelates, nobles and burgh commissioners assembled in this parliament in testament of their authority and consent to the foregoing. Edinburgh, 10 May 1524, 11th year of the reign.]

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