1515, 12 July, Edinburgh, Parliament

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12 July 1515

Procedure: preamble

Parliament of the most excellent prince and our lord, the lord James V, by the grace of God, most illustrious king of Scots, held and begun at Edinburgh on Thursday, 12 July 1515, by the illustrious and magnificent prince John [Stewart], duke of Albany etc., tutor and governor of the aforesaid lord, our king, and the realm, along with the prelates, barons, nobles and burgh commissioners contained in a special commission and read through there, assembled in the said parliament representing the three estates etc. On the which day, the suits called and the court of parliament fenced, the absentees made clear in the rolls.

  1. Source is printed The Actis and Constitutionis of the realme of Scotland maid in parliaments haldin be the rycht excellent, hie and mychtie princeis kingis James the First, Secund, Third, Feird, Fyft, and in tyme of Marie now Quene of Scottis, viseit, correctit, and extractit furth of the registers be the lordis deputs be speciall commissioun thairto, anno Domini 1566, held as NLS, Black Acts, 1566-94, H.33.c.21, f.112r. Back