Anentis committaris of slauchter, mutilatioune and ressetting of the kingis rebellis

Item, anentis the executioune of the actis of parliament maid of before be oure soverane lordis progenitouris upoune thame that committis slauchter and mutilatioune, and for apprehensioune of oure soverane lordis rebellis and diligence to be maid therin be schireffis and uthiris officiaris of the realme, baith in regalite and rialtie, it is statute and ordanit that the actis maid thareupoune of befor be put to executioune in all punctis, and that all schireffis, stewartis, ballies and all uther officiaris, baith to burgh and to land, als weill in regalite as in the rialtie, do thare diligence to serche and seik all our soverane lordis rebellis and being at his horne, quhaire evir thai may be apprehendit within thare baillieriis, tak and bring thame to oure soverane lordis justice to be justifyit for thare demeretis under the pane of tinsale of thare offices for thre yeris, geiff thai have the samin in heretage, and geiff thai have the samin for yeris, to tyne the samin for evire, and to be accusit upoune thare diligence in that behalf in the justice airis or at uther particulare diettis as sall pleise the kingis grace; and that na maner of man within this realme wilfullie or wittandlie ressett, supple or manteine or do favouris to ony of oure soverane lordis rebellis and being at his horne within thare housis, landis, boundis or ballieriis under the pane of deid and confiscatioune of all thare movable gudis, and to be callit and accusit hereupoune, owther at justice courtis or perticulare diettis as said is; and geiff the officiaris of the regalite beis fundin negligent, thai being requirit hereto, it sall be lefull to the kingis schireffis to putt the saidis actis to executioune within the said regalite efter the forme and tenour of the samin, and that the justice clerk inquire diligentlie hereupoune and tak dittay as efferis.

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