[Anent the tackes and steadinges of them that ar slaine, as said is]

Item, it is statute and ordanit be the haill thre estatis of parliament that quhatsumever tennent gentilman, unlandit or yeman, havand takkis or steidingis of ony lordis or lairdis, spirituall or temporall, that happinis to be slane be Inglismen in our soverane lordis armie or service, or gettis deidis woundis in the samin, the wyfis and barnis of thame that sall happin to be slane or woundit to the deid, as said is, sall bruke thair takkis, malingis or steidingis for thair sustentatioun during the space of fyve yeiris nixt efter the slauchter or wounding to deid of the saidis tennentis, gressume fre, payand allanerlie bot mailis, dewteis and service aucht and wont.

  1. NLS, H.33.c.32(1), Sir John Skene, The Lawes and Acts of Parliament maid be King James the First and his Successors Kings of Scotland, visied, collected, and extracted furth of the Register (Edinburgh, 1597), f.100v. Back
  2. Act titles given in printed version, which almost certainly would not have been contained in the original manuscript register. Back