Judicial proceedings: act of the lords auditors of causes and complaints

4 December, the lords auditors sat

In the action and cause pursued by Alexander Sydserf of that Ilk against John Crosier, the king's serjeant within the constabulary of Haddington, for the wrongful taking from the said Alexander of 50 sheep and a cow, which was previously ordained by the lords of council to have been let as surety to the said Alexander on a certain day, until the matter debatable between him and John of Fenton of that Ilk, regarding an annual from the lands of Sydserf, was decided, which aforesaid goods were let as surety to the said Alexander according to the form of the act given by the said lords thereupon, and taken back by the said serjeant by his authority without command, as he admitted in the presence of the lords auditors. For this the said lords auditors decree and deliver that the said John did wrong in taking the said goods, and ordain him to return the same or their value to the said Alexander according to the tenor of the first act, without prejudice of the right of any of the said parties.

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