Procedure: continuation

On which day the said commissioners charged the constable depute William Hacket to call Alexander [Stewart], duke of Albany, earl of March, etc., Andrew Home, Andrew Jackson, David Chirnside, John Trotter, Alexander Trotter, Humphrey Allanshaw, William of Learmonth, William Home, Patrick Dickson, William Dickson, David Jackson, Thomas Dickson, George Winram, John Winram, Ninian Wrangham, James Wrangham, Dick Ethinton's son, John the Hay, William Sanderson and Humphrey Sanderson to compear the said day in our sovereign lord's parliament to answer his highness on the crimes, points of treason and other offences contained in the letters of summons and processes carried out on them herein continued until the said day. The said Alexander, duke of Albany, earl of March etc., and the rest of the aforementioned persons being often called but not compearing at the legal time of day requested, the said commissioners, by the authority of their commission and of special command from our sovereign lord, continued the said summons and processes made and carried out on the said persons, along with the said parliament, until 2 October next, with continuation of days, in all form, strength and effect as is fitting and as it was on the said 2 August.

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